Monday, September 15, 2008

Thinking of more recipes to post

I have several more delicious recipes I want to post, but I want a picture of my finished dish to show you and post with the recipe, so I will have to wait and do one at a time over time. But I did want to give you a list of dishes I intend on making. Shout out which one I should make first. And remember, these are mostly easy to do recipes that taste great and anyone can do. I have spent many hours watching foodnetwork, getting tips from my Mom, and just experimenting in my own kitchen. My daughter even makes me commentate when I'm cooking, explaining every move like on TV. And of course, my kids have crowned themselves the judges.

Here's a few...

Gourmet Mac and Cheese with Ham
Chicken Enchiladas
Jalapeno poppers
Scalloped Crock Pot Potatoes
Potato Salad

Yeah!!!! Cowboys just won!!! Ce...lebrate good times, c'mon!


Peakah said...

Jalapeno poppers... duh!

Robb said...

I vote for chicken enchiladas. I still have a little bit of frozen green chile and that seems the perfect place to put it. ::mouth watering::

RT said...

I second chicken enchiladas! If you know how to make taquitos...those, too.

I'd love to learn how to make those.

Uber said...

Hiya Peakah Mama!

Thanks for the recipes and promise of more. Yum! I'll be back. ;)

Peakah said...

heheh... beat ya to it!

Peggyfaa said...

Hey Mama #2!!!! I'm hungry for your pulled pork. Gonna share that?

Peakah said...

So what'cha makin already??

McPeak Mama said...

I'm too busy making batch after batch of salsa. Hubby goes through it quick! And tonight is brat kebobs and elk hamburgers. Chicken enchiladas will be soon though. Be patient! And yes, pulled pork sounds good.